Monday, June 1, 2015

30 days of challenge - day 2

It has to be the romantic in me. All these wishes, thoughts, and whatever else it may be that is making me like this --- nay, feel like this --- I blame the romantic in me.

I thought the romantic in me died. I thought I was a cynical, jaded being. That has become very aloof, but I guess that was just me wishing that I have. Because once that other shoe falls, though .... I wonder if I'll once more become cynical and jaded.

Love, lust. Is there a way to differentiate those two any more? I know most people fall in love with infatuation. I don't think 'love at first sight' occur - it is more 'lust at first sight' but even as I say that, I want to believe that 'love at first' does happen. Again, it is the ever hopeful romantic in me.

I never did like being labeled as 'hopeless romantic' ----- I do believe 'hopeful romantic' is a better saying.

And I've said this before - I don't think I've ever fallen in love. Definitely experienced the love unrequited. But to fall in love with someone who reciprocates the same --- yea, that hasn't happened. Now, wit that said, falling in lust who reciprocates the same - that has happened more than once.

I just want to know what I have to do to fall in love and have someone reciprocate the feeling ... what does one have to do to make that happen?

Or does it happen to certain individuals? If so, what did they do to deserve to be so lucky/miserable?

Love is. Same goes for joy, hope. Lust. But love is the most powerful of all of them. I just know that we need more than just love. Love is a luxury. Love is something unexplained ----- emotions and all, yes, they do help in the interpretation, but there is so much more to love....

And I just want to experience it. I know that a lot of people like sunsets over sunrises. (I agree for the most part) --------- sunrises are just amazing. It's when the world is full of promise.

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