Sunday, May 31, 2015

just thoughts

Have you ever met someone whom you've just met but things feel like they just click with you? It's a bit interesting and exciting and just ...a little unnerving. I'm trying this whole online dating again. It's how I met W - second long-term boyfriend. And online dating between now and then ... nothing has really changed; just more competitive. Reminds me of how cutthroat law school was.

Everyone has a profile, and sometimes, you can kind of tell what kind of person is by their profile... since I've been single, I've only been in three first dates (broke up 4/20/14 w/ B and really that shouldn't have been three years of being together, but hindsight is 20/20 - lesson learned); the first one was a coffee date and upon meeting the person, I already knew it will only be a friendship. [That has happened before, too, the first time I tried online dating - most of the guys I met the first time go round with online date: I'm still friends with the majority of them. Just friendships. I don't think I even dated a single one of them. We all just became friends... anyways, I digress.] Second first date was meeting up for drinks and no chemistry. And the third first date? well... how do I even .... it was unexpected but in a good way. :blush:

He's him. And I'm me. And there's chemistry. And other stuff.

Quite vague, right? If I wrote exactly what I want to write, I might be banned for explicit language. He makes me want to write again... and I have been. It's been awhile since I've written. Considering I have several short stories and poetry and a screenplay and novels unfinished.... I don't know where to start - to even begin how to finish the ones that have been started. And I have this urgency to write new ones - new stories, perhaps a new novel ... a new screenplay. Who knows.

I think I preferred the other blog post ... it was somewhat similar to this one but more open. Maybe I should consider writing first thing in the morning. My thoughts were freer. I'll have to think on that.

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