Monday, August 7, 2017


I am at a crossroads, but before I attempt to talk about that..... the last couple of days have been weird in regards to dreams. 

Last night's dream~~ 

I was in a war-torn country? I was there to do something and I'm not entirely sure what it was, but I noticed that there were soldiers pretending to not look like soldiers walking around the buildings. I kept asking the leader or my friend -I think the person was a friend- what was going on and the friend kept saying it was a training exercise just in case insurgents decided to storm the place, which makes no sense to me. But I kept seeing these soldiers go in and out and "disappear" around the area... then something about explosives and bombs and the need to find out where they were started. There was a shower scene which made no sense. My comments about me being able to snipe and how this all felt like it was Modern Warfare or Call of Duty (mind you, I haven't played either one in such a long time) and then, I start to do exactly that.... I started scouting and looking around for stuff to disarm when I have no formal training. Found the hidden explosives, soldiers and such and was told to stand down but I saw a bunch of kids playing and I had to tell them to get the hell out of there because it was about to blow and then, there's a humvee or two ... so weird. 

And then, when I woke up yesterday, the dream I had was also odd~~ I was with a bunch of Asians whom I assume to be my family and his because there were a bunch of familiar faces, but I didn't really interact with them. We were all talking about fireworks and I said how the fireworks were better over Chicago's skyline and I think we were all at some beach house somewhere. And the guy that played Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air was there and I don't know why he was. And we were playing Mah-jong ----exactly how it should be played with four people and walls and such not like the matching game that most people think it is---- and it looked like we were in formal wear as if we just came from a wedding or something. ((I should have written this yesterday when the details were fresh))

In regards to the crossroads I was talking about ...have you ever felt as if you were being pulled in a more than one direction? 

It's what I feel right now. On the one hand, I .... I don't know. There's too much and nothing happening at the same time. 

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