Thursday, August 3, 2017

stuff and the like

If you and I talk in RL, then you know I've been looking for a job. And you would also know that I have had interviews and such, too.

So, I did get an offer from one. It pays $19.15 hourly for 40 hours a week and it is paid on a weekly basis. That's roughly about $37,999 annually. This position is similar to what I did at Covance, but in the same instance, it is not. It is through an agency (hence the weekly pay). I've done some research on the actual company and it looks like I'm actually getting paid slightly higher than if I were hired on directly; though, I do believe the pay scale depends on experience, and if I were to go from contract to permanent, my actual salary is going to be higher than most due to experience and such. They actually want me to start next week which is unheard of because they still have to do a background check and the like for me.... not entirely sure what's going on there. I know when I used to work for the US Mint, that I had to do a fingerprint session to obtain security clearance (and honestly, I don't know if that clearance is still valid).

Now, I have had other interviews with other companies, too. One is through an agency as well and it pays lower than the aforementioned job above, but the job itself is entirely different from what I used to do when I was with Covance. And the other job I interviewed with for a mortgage company that has not so stellar reviews on Glassdoor, but pays starting $30-$40 hourly, which is roughly $62,400 I think annually ((I know, I know -- I can check the math on this since I am on the Internet already, but I wouldn't want to be bogged down with numbers and the like))....

Today, I have two interviews slated. One is for a Program Assistant position and the other is something similar to Covance once again, but in actual facility like a hospital/clinic setting. The Program Assistant interview I don't believe I will be included in the next process of interviews because 1) I just woke up and was not as alert, 2) pretty sure she wasn't impressed with me whatsoever, and that's fine. But if for some reason I am included in the next steps of interviews, the start date for that is sometime in September.

All the other jobs have a later start date this month. I just don't know where I stand with them because I have yet to hear back.

I'm just not sure where I should go from here. It's good to have options, but that offer --- they want an answer by 2:30pm today.

I don't know if I should go ahead and accept or wait. But waiting may hurt me in the end because I honestly don't know how the others are thinking. Maybe I should flip a coin. Or just go with it. Not sure what to do. Just .... hmm...

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