Sunday, July 12, 2015

Write about falling. (Remember to go with your "first flash," and write for 10 minutes without stopping or thinking.)

Falling in love was not something I expected. Especially with my track record... my past relationships only lasted three years. Never went any further.

And now? Falling for him - for my Mr. J - well, I'm at a loss as to what to do. Feelings I thought I buried deep within are resurfacing, and I'm once again questioning ---- but Mr. J makes me feel safe. Mr. J makes me all sorts of things/feelings/whatever you want to call them.

Mr. J quite undoubtedly makes me happy. And I hope I make him happy. Mr. J deserves happiness, too., and no, I am not putting him on a pedestal. He is great. Awesome. We haven't known each other long, but it feels as though I've known him far longer than I have. We finish each other's sentences. We are in sync. Similar interests, similar background --- and through all of that, we still maintain our differences, our individuality.

My Mr. J is ... he makes me smile just by thinking of him. My Mr. J is the first and last thought I have every day it seems since we first met.

Mr. J, I know you know this, but I'm your girl. I'm not going anywhere any time soon; I told you that I think I'm falling for you. Well, let me amend that: I know I am falling for you. My feelings are quite loud in that aspect.

The prompt asked for falling and that's what I thought of -- falling in love. Not falling down the stairs. Or whatever else that may be more appropriate. I could write more, but I'll just be gushing. :blushes:

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