Monday, July 13, 2015

this is OUR story or the beginning of one ...

My Mr. J and I started talking/sending each other messages back and forth from the online site where we met. Mutually liked and he sent me a nice message ... and the rest is kind of writing itself now.

Our first date was a month and a day ago. It surprises me that we've only known each other a month; it feels like I've known him longer. We finish each other's sentences. We think on a similar brainwave... and we're both scared for what this could mean.

But we are both giving this - us - a try.

I find it interesting that even though we have so many similarities, our unique differences make us who we are .... and it amazes me so much that my jaw hurts from all the smiling I've been doing as of late.

Whatever the ending may be, I think I'm going to write it as much as I can. Because the moments we spend and the memories we create while we're together ...I want to remember everything I do with My Mr. J :smiles: I want to remember how we poke fun at each other, and the laughs we have, and the times we hold hands... I want it all.

My Mr. J makes me think it's possible for that elusive happily ever after. And that within itself is scary. But I want to know so I'm staying because as I keep reminding Mr. J --- I'm in it for the long haul. Challenge accepted.

My Mr. J, I already told you: and I will keep telling you in person: I'm falling for you.  

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